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Jed Pool 35-240 Pool Repair Patch Jed Pool 20-208 Scoop Pool Thermometer With Water Pocket Jed Pool 40-364 1-Piece Flexible Pool Leaf Skimmer
Over 100 square inches of transparent, pressure-sensitive patches that instantly mends either wet or dry surfaces. Repairs inflatable pools, toys and vinyl liners. Just peel off backing and apply. Fahrenheit or Celsius reading. 10'' long scoop thermometer with water pocket. Heavy-duty, one piece plastic frame.
Jed Pool 40-370 Pool Skimmer With Pole Jed Pool 70-260 Curved Pool Wall Brush Jed Pool 40-384 Deep Leaf Rake
Aluminum pole and durable net for surface cleaning. 5' over-all length. Durable, 18'' long wall brush with  long-lasting bristles. One piece constructed plastic frame. Strong, structural molded leaf rake. Deep fine mesh bag handles big clean-ups and small debris. Quick to disconnect, fits most telescopic vacuum poles. Curved edges prevents damage to pool sides.
Jed Pool 40-363 Deluxe Pool Leaf Skimmer Jed Pool 70-262 Curved Deluxe Pool Wall Brush Jed Pool 70-274 Algae Brush
Aluminum frame and handle with durable nylon reinforced net for surface cleaning. Durable, long lasting poly-pro brush bristles. Metal back and handle. Wide head with steel bristles to remove tough algae in plaster pools. 1 piece die cast aluminum handle. Size 6''. Extension pole (NOT INCLUDED).
Jed Pool 40-383 Deluxe Shrink Wrapped Pool Leaf Rake Jed Pool 40-355 Pool Leaf Skimmer With 3-Piece Tele-Pole Jed Pool 40-365 Pool Leaf Skimmer
Aluminum frame encased in plastic for bottom cleaning. Aluminum handle and durable deep reinforced bag. 3 piece anodized telescopic pole and heavy duty skimmer head assembly. Extends to 9' overall length. Aluminum frame and durable fiberglass net for surface cleaning. 15'' x 22'' rake head size.
Jed Pool Professional 40-386 Pool Leaf Rake With Bag BRUSH  METAL DLX PSH/CLK 18IN SKIMMER W/TELEPOLE PSH/CLK
Heavy duty aluminum frame with plastic rim. Fiberglass mesh bag. Aluminum handle. 19'' x 17'' rake head size. Deluxe metal brush for vinyl, concrete and plaster pools. Polished aluminum back. Curved ends for hard to reach areas. Use weekly to keep surfaces clean. Quick and easy attachment to pole. Puncture proof net. Collapsible telescoping handle makes pool maintenance easier. Easily removes debris before it clogs your skimmer. Quick and easy attachment to pole. Ideal for pool and spa.
Jed Pool 20-204 Deluxe Shatter Resistant Pool Thermometer SKIMMER LEAF PUSH&CLICK HD    Jed Pool 80-225 Pool Pole/Hose Hanger
Floating or submersible deluxe pool thermometer. Heavy duty leaf skimmer with resilient puncture proof net. Solid aluminum frame. Use for debris removal. Quick, easy attachment to pole. Pool accessory/hose hanger. Two plastic double hook hangers with mounting screws.
Solid aluminum frame. Deep net for easy debris removal. Quick, easy attachment to pole. 14" wide.