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Engine Brite EB1 Engine Degreaser Solder Seal Gunk FEB1 Engine Cleaner WIPES ENG DEGREASER 30CT
Solvents quickly remove grease and grime from auto, power mower, marine and tractor engines, metals, concrete and tires, and industrial equipment where water is permitted. Emulsifies oil and cleans greasy surfaces. Not for sale in California. Aerosol can. Safely removes dirt, dust and road grime and can be used on all vehicles, foam clings to vertical surfaces and picks up dirt, quick, effective foaming action, rinses easily with water. Not for Sale in California. Aerosol can. Designed for engine bays and quick clean-up of baked on grease and oil. 30-count, no scratching, no rinsing, no residue. Citrus scent. Moisture seal packaging. Designed with no isopropyl alcohol so moisture will not evaporate after opening.
Solder Seal Gunk CEB1 Engine Protector Solder Seal Gunk Engine Brite EBGEL Engine Degreaser Purple Power 4320P Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser
Emulsifies and washes away grease, dirt, and grime that accumulates on modern engines. When used as directed it will leave an attractive finish on under-hood surfaces. Safe on most under-hood rubber, plastic and paint when used as directed. Also for greasy dirt in the home, shop and garage. Contains no silicones that can create a greasy, dust collecting buildup. Can be used to spot treat laundry to remove greasy spots. Non-flammable. Non-corrosive to metals. Low VOC. Pleasant citrus scent. Aerosol can. Formulated to remove the soils from newer, hotter running engines. Clings to the engine surface being sprayed and does not run off. When sprayed off with water, it emulsifies and washes away the grease, dirt, and grime. Safe on most under-hood rubber, plastic and paint when used as directed. Also for greasy dirt in the shop and garage. Aerosol can. Industrial strength cleaner/degreaser penetrates grease, oil and dirt on contact. Biodegradable, non-abrasive, non-flammable and phosphate-free.