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World Wide Sourcing PMB-146 Drain Guard Strainer World Wide Sourcing PMB-140 Bath/Wash Tub Strainer World Wide Sourcing PMB-144 Bath/Wash Tub Strainer
Worldwide Sourcing Drain Guard Strainer, 3-Prong, Snap-In, 1-5/8 in, 1-5/8 in Overall Diameter WorldWide Sourcing Sink Strainer, 1 in Diameter WorldWide Sourcing Bath Tub Strainer, 1-3/8 in Diameter
World Wide Sourcing PMB-134-3L Basket Strainer Washers World Wide Sourcing 24464-3L Sink Strainer Baskets World Wide Sourcing PMB-145 Sink Strainer Basket
Worldwide Sourcing Strainer Basket Washer, 3-1/2 in Dia, Rubber, For to Repair or Replacement Of Sink Strainers Stainless steel body with adjustable post. Fits strainers with 3-1/2" to 4" diameter. WorldWide Sourcing Sink Strainer, 1-1/2 in Diameter
Danco 88438 Basket Strainer Washer Sets World Wide Sourcing 11959-3L Sink Strainer Basket STRAINER DRAIN MTL 1-5/8 CHRM
Contains 1 No.50532 fiber washer (4-3/8" x 3-7/16" x 1/8") and 1 No.50592 rubber washer (4-3/8" x 3-3/8" x 1/32"). Carded. Stainless steel body with chrome plated peg post. Rubber seal. Fits standard drains. Brass construction, chrome finish, snap-in style. 1-5/8".
Plumb Pak PP820-60 Drain Guard Strainer Plumb Pak PP22024 Basket Strainer Washers PlumbPak PP820-32 Basket Strainer
Three prong style. Fits most sink strainers. 2" diameter.
All-metal construction, post-less design, designed for use in sinks and utility tubs. Chrome-plated finish. 1-31/64" Protects drain from unwanted debris. For use where lavatory sink pop-up plug is missing. 1-1/32" OD x 3/4" depth. Durable brass construction. Chrome-plated brass. Designed for use in lavatory, sink and utility tubs. 5/8" outer diameter.
STRAINER SNAP IN 1-7/8 CHROME Danco 36460B Sink Strainer Washer Worldwide Sourcing PMB-478 Sink Strainer Basket
1-7/8" All-brass construction for durability, snap-in style design. Poly with 1/8" lip. Used between the shank of the sink strainer and the lip of the tailpiece with the 1-1/2" coupling nut making the connection. Fits standard strainers.
PlumbPak PP5905 Replacement Sink Basket Strainer Whedon DP40C Lavatory Strainer With Chrome Ring PlumbPak PP2082026 Sink Basket Strainer
With rolled edge and fixed post. For PP66-5, PP20665 strainers. Stainless steel mesh lavatory strainer with chrome ring for lavatory sinks. Fits any bathroom sink drain. Keeps drains clean and free flowing. Great for cleaning jewelry. With adjustable post.
CRUMB CUP NO/POST 1-1/2IN CHRM Plumb Pak PP820-40 Bath-Wash Tub Strainers STRAINER BASKET 1-7/8 CHROME
Metal construction. Designed for use in sinks and utility tubs. Chrome finish. Plumb Pak Bath and Wash Tub Strainer, 1-3/8 in Diameter Designed for use in sinks with small openings. Chrome finish. 1-7/8".
Whedon DP60C Bathtub Strainer Whedon DP80C Shower Strainer With Chrome Ring PlumbPak PP820-25 Replacement Sink Basket Strainer
Stainless steel mesh bathtub strainer with chrome ring for bathtub drain. Fits all standard bathtub drains and most laundry tubs. Prevents hair, lint, etc from clogging drains. Easy to install and use. Stainless steel mesh shower strainer with chrome ring for shower stall drains. Fits all standard shower drains. Keeps hair, lint, etc out of drains. Replaces flat large hole strainers. Easy to clean. With adjustable post.
PlumbPak PP820-31 Sink Basket Strainer PlumbPak PP820-37 Sink Basket Strainer Plumb Pak PP820-17 Strainer Draine Guard
1-1/2" sink basket strainer. 1" basin basket strainer. Chrome plated. Strainer guard for sink. Fits sink, tub or shower. Prevents hair and small particles from clogging drain.
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