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Danco DL-9 Faucet Repair Kit Danco DL-4 Seat and Spring Set Mintcraft A0013 Faucet O-Rings
Includes 2 deluxe rubber seats and 2 conical springs. For faucets manufactured after 1976. DL-4 contains: 2 old style springs and 2 rubber seats. For faucets manufactured prior to 1976. OEM Ref. #134.
Danco 80704 Seat and Spring REPAIR KIT FOR CARTRIDGE 1HDL Danco 124134 6-Piece Faucet Stem Repair Kit
Includes 2 deluxe seats and 2 deluxe springs. Designed for repairing plastic cartridge for Moen single-handle faucets. Kit includes 2 sizes of O-rings. Danco Faucet Stem Repair Kit, 6-Piece, Suitable For Use With: Delex Faucets, Includes: Seat, Spring, (3) O-Rings and Cap Thread Gasket
Danco 88005 Seat and Spring Set Danco 80686 Seat and Spring Danco DL-17 Seat and Spring Set
Includes 2 seats and 2 springs. Fits stems: 2S-1H/C, 3S-7H/C, 4S-6H/C. Includes 2 seats and 2 springs. Includes 2 deluxe rubber seats, 2 new springs and 2 old style springs.
Danco DL-15 Faucet Repair Kit Danco 80500 Faucet Repair Kit SEATS/SPRING DELTA 1-HANDLE
Includes DL-15 Spout O-Rings. Used on most popular kitchen faucets. Repair Kit contains: 1- #883 retainer clip and 2-#11 o-rings for Moen plastic cartridges. Includes short and long style seats and straight and conical style seats. 2 of each style.
World Wide Sourcing PMB-075 Faucet Seats and Springs Danco DL-11 Faucet Repair Kit Danco 80965 Faucet Adjusting Ring
4 springs for long and short stem. Contains DL-11 Repair Kit: No.30769 seat and spring assembly, Nos. 35745 and 35759 O-rings to repair pressure balance and non-pressure balance Scald Guard 1600 Series and Deltique 800 and 900 Series single-handle bath fixtures. Carded. Plastic adjusting ring used for kitchen faucets.
Danco 88105 Cam Assembly Mintcraft A001 Faucet Seats and Springs(2) Danco 88104 Cam Assembly
Single lever cam assembly. Used with #212 ball. Used on most popular Delta kitchen, lavatory and tub/shower faucets with knob-style handles. 2 seats and 2 springs. Single lever cam assembly. Used with #70 ball. Used on most popular kitchen, lavatory and tub/shower faucets with lever-style handles.
Mintcraft AO109CP Faucet Ball Adapters Mintcraft A0005 Faucet Cam Assembly Plumb Pak PP808-52 Faucet Repair Kit
S.S. ball adapter with set screw. Cam and cam packing. 2 seat and spring assemblies, for single lever spouts. Includes both long and short springs.
Replacement seat assembly. For Peerless faucets. Fits Sterling faucet models 021 thru 026. For hot and cold water applications.
DIVERTER 1-HNDL KITCHEN FAUCET Plumb Pak PP20852 Faucet Repair Kit Mintcraft A0008 Faucet Ball Assembly
2 seat and spring assemblies, for single lever spouts. Includes both long and short springs. Stainless Steel. Fits model Nos. 4111, 4111P, 8111, 8111S.
Danco 88100 Faucet Stem Repair Kit STEM REPAIR TUB/SHOWER FAUCET Danco 86647 Faucet Repair Kit
Repairs Sterling 32-7, 8 and 14 stems including Nos. 3Z-7, 3Z-8, and 3Z-14. For Price Pfister Tub/Shower faucets. A dripping faucet wastes both water and energy. Fixing your leaking faucet by repairing the stem will save water and keep you from buying an entire new faucet. This kit includes the parts needed to repair one faucet stem. Repairs Price Pfister stems 9h-1, 9h-2, 10I-7, 10I-8, 10I-9, 12H-1, 12H-2 and 12H-3. Repair kit for Moen faucet. Repairs brass cartridge.
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