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Dorcy 41-1017 Handheld Lantern LANTERN FLOATING 160LUMEN 6V  Powerzone FT-ORG39 Compact Camp Lantern
Luxeon LEDs for 360 degrees of light. Lightweight and portable, durable rotating switch and a handle hang hook. 70 hour run-time on 4 AA batteries (not included). 40 lumens with a beam distance of 15 feet. Assorted colors (no color choice available). Push button switch, nylon lanyard. 160 lumen, 20 hour run time, 97 meter beam distance. 6V battery, included. 7.4" L x 4.00" W, .55lb. For application needing 360 degree illumination. Plastic construction housing with carrying handle. Lightweight, compact size for easy storage and carrying. Uses 4 AA batteries, not included. 23 lumens, 15 hour run time. 5mm LED.
LANTERN LED MINI ACCENT 4AA   Dorcy 41-2081 Waterproof Floating Lantern With Battery LANTERN LED WATERPROOF 3D
Luxeon LEDs for 360 degrees of light. Lightweight and portable, durable rotating switch and a handle hang hook. 70 hour run-time on 4 AA batteries (not included). 40 lumens with a beam distance of 15 feet. Assorted colors (no color choice available). LED Lantern. Push button switch. 70 lumens, 50 hours runtime, 90 meters beam distance, 7." length x 4.00" width.Assorted colors yellow, red, and blue. Uses 6 volt battery, included. Camping lantern. Side mounted 3 step push button switch, and a built-in hang hook in the handle for hands-free use. Amber LED nightlight. Requires 3 D cell batteries to operate (not included). 200 lumens, 39 hours run time, 30 feet beam distance, 360 degree light output. Plastic 4.75" W x 7" H, 9" with handle, .80lb.
LANTERN MINI 100L             Coast EAL15 Emergency Area Lantern Weather Ready FL452WRBP Folding Lantern
Our Price: $15.99
Soft silicone dome that squishes down when packed. The multimode switch activates both high and low white LED modes and a red LED mode. 100 lumens maximum. Press and hold switch for red. It also features a sliding carabineer clip so it can be conveniently hung from the middle as a down-light or from the side so it's flat against a wall. Impact resistant (drop proof to 2 meters). Weather resistant. Powered by three AAA batteries (not included). Features an array of 24 high-quality LEDs in white and red, and a built-in hanger. Used in a variety of situations for both recreational and emergency use. Up to 60 lumen light output. Up to 50 hour runtime. Light output control with Coast Smart Switch. Light module protected by wire frame. Height: 7.5" / 19 cm, weight: 16 oz. / 453.5 g. Uses 4 C batteries, not included. Integrated carrying handle. Eight bright white Nichia LEDs one amber LED nightlight. Lifetime LEDs never need replacing. Pivots to light 180 or 360 degrees for task or area lighting. 52 lumens, over 245 hours run time on 1 set of four D batteries, not included. Typical weight is 18.5 oz. without batteries. Red color. 7.64" height x 5.40" width x 2.90" depth.
Powerzone FT-ORG38 Lantern Coast EAL20 Emergency Area Lantern LANTERN/FLASHLGHT CLLPSBL 200L
Super Bright LED Lantern, uses 3 D batteries, not included. 3 watts, 300 lumens, 20 hour run time. 360 degrees of illumination. Multi-functional high/low switch for 3W Cree LED, durable plastic construction housing, Great for camping or working in dark areas & damp locations. Choose between flashing red, solid red, area light, and energy saving modes or select the preferred light level with the built-in dimming switch. Up to 375 lumen light output. Up to 80 hour runtime. Light output control with light dial. Battery-life indicator built-in to light dial. Handle allows easy hanging or carrying. Height: 8.25" / 20.95 cm, Weight: 32 oz. / 907 g. Uses 4 D batteries not included. Carabineer clip handle to hang it as a lantern (with a down light when in lantern + flashlight mode) to provide full illumination of any area, or it can be collapsed with an easy sliding motion to become a bright handheld flashlight on the go. 200 lumens. Powered by four AA batteries (not included).
LANTERN 400L                  Dorcy 41-3108 Globe Lantern LANTERN 4D/6V W/PIVOT STAND
Our Price: $29.99
Carabineer handle to clip, carry, or hang. Three adjustable levels, high, medium and low to provide intensely bright or softer lighting. Includes a protective carrying bag that doubles as a light diffuser. 400 lumens, run time of nearly 800 hours in low mode. Impact and weather resistant. Powered by 3 D-cell batteries (not included). Has the illumination characteristics of traditional gas / mantel lanterns without the safety concerns. Radiates 360 degrees of light. It is completely waterproof and submersible with an IPX7 rating, and it floats. There are 3 power levels: two globes and one globe output, and an amber night light, all controlled by a turn button. Two globe output is 400 lumens with 4 D batteries, not included and lasts 100 hours, with a 20' light output distance. One globe output is 50 percent less, and lasts 200 hours. The amber night light lasts 700 hours. Sturdy handle features a built in pop-out hanger hook allowing for hands free use. Lantern is 4.25" wide x 12.7" tall. Weight is 1.8 pounds. Sealed handle mounted push button switch. Ratcheting stand for hands-free use. 20 hour run time. 4 D cell batteries via cartridge adapter, or a 6 volt battery. ABS plastic. Comes with 4 D cell batteries. 300 lumen, 243 meters beam distance. 8.5" L x 3.7" W, 2.75lb with batteries.
Dynamo 41-4268 Free-Standing Rechargeable Lantern LANTERN CAMP COB LED CLPSBLE  WORK LIGHT B/O LED COB 150LUM
Dynamo lantern, 6 LEDs, dual power, fold out hand crank or USB, charging push button switch. Provides 70 lumen with 6 LEDs. Charge with hand crank by rotating handle clockwise for 2 minutes at 160 r.p.m. (rotations per minute). 6 LEDs will operate up to 50 minutes, 3 LEDs will operate up to 1 hour 50 minutes. Charge lantern for 14-16 hours with USB. 6 LEDs operate up to 3.5 hours, 3 LEDs will operate up to 7 hours 10 minutes.