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General Tools 300/1 Flexible Precision Measuring Rule IPG Measure-It Adhesive Measuring Tape General Tools 616 Flexible Measuring Rule
Stainless steel with depth gauge pocket clip. 32nds and 64ths on one side, decimal equivalents on reverse. 15/32" wide. Adhesive measuring tape; self wound; no release liner to remove, repositionable adhesive; works right or left handed; 16: center markings indicates positioning of studs; write on it with pencil, ballpoint pen or markers; works on curved or irregular surfaces, even measures around corners; centerline for fast and easy drilling; able to count footage at a distance; ideal for drilling templates; hanging blinds, pictures, painting, carpentry, tile layout, fabric measurements, metal work and arts and crafts. Precision made, with etched fine black graduations, on stainless steel finish. Side 1: 10, 100, side 2 :-32, 64.
General Tools 1216 Flexible Precision Rule Johnson J48 Straight Edge Measuring Rule Swanson AE142 Straight Edge Measuring Rule
General Tools Precision Rule, Flexible, 12 in Length, 15/32 in Width, Graduations: Side1: 10th, 100th, Side2: 32nd, 64th, Ultra Fine Black Markings, Stainless Steel, Polished Made of flexible and strong tempered aluminum with a permanently anodized finish. Screen printed black, thermal-bonded graduations in 1/8 and 1/16" on both edges and can be read from either end. All Straight Edges are made of high-grade aluminum alloy with high visibility, thermally fused, yellow powder paint finish. Lightweight and strong, with black; thermo-bonded gradations and non-glare finish.
Apron 189DRS3 Yardstick
Black printed scale on both sides.